Chase All Your Dreams, And Don't Let Them Go
This is an Automatic Loveletter/Juliet Simms appreciation blog. I do not claim to know or have any contact with the band or their management. This is simply a fan sharing the love. :)

If you have any questions I am happy to answer them!

If I use your picture, or if you know who’s picture it is, please tell me. I’ll add the credit immediately. :) I do not claim to own anything, unless otherwise stated.

I need some serious ideas for this page. I want Snakey Tragedy to be your go-to place for all things Automatic Loveletter. Soooo, ideas please?

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    1. ourloveisgettinglow answered: warestdrygvjbknk
    2. tainted-by-the-real-world answered: promo links from peoples’ youtube lyric videos, perhaps? with permission, of course<3
    3. nomadlyfe answered: Maybe post videos from Youtube of Automatic Loveletter interviews, performances, and songs?
    4. poutycutie answered: lyrics, all members of ALL, relationships. :)
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