Chase All Your Dreams, And Don't Let Them Go
This is an Automatic Loveletter/Juliet Simms appreciation blog. I do not claim to know or have any contact with the band or their management. This is simply a fan sharing the love. :)

If you have any questions I am happy to answer them!

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Why are Automatic Loveletter fans called “snakes” or “snakeys”? Why is Juliet called “Momma Snake”?

When Juliet was on the 2011 Warped tour she started using the word “snake” or “snakey” to describe things. She used the term “snake it” a lot. Then she started calling her fans “snakeys”. So, in return, the fans started calling her “Momma Snake”. There’s no real story behind it.

With Juliet being on The Voice, is Automatic Loveletter over?

No. Juliet has said many times before that A.LL is nowhere near over.  She has a statement on the official A.LL Facebook.

Will you follow me?

Chances are, probably not.  I only follow A.LL blogs on Tumblr.  If you’re on Twitter and I talk to you a lot, I’ll follow you then.  But if I like your blog or tweets, I’ll follow you on my personal accounts.