Chase All Your Dreams, And Don't Let Them Go
This is an Automatic Loveletter/Juliet Simms appreciation blog. I do not claim to know or have any contact with the band or their management. This is simply a fan sharing the love. :)

If you have any questions I am happy to answer them!

If I use your picture, or if you know who’s picture it is, please tell me. I’ll add the credit immediately. :) I do not claim to own anything, unless otherwise stated.

Of course I do not own anything here.

Here are all the downloads of rares, covers, live performances, ringtones,  demos, and acoustic performances of Automatic Loveletter that I have.  If you have any requests leave them in my ask, and I’ll do my best to get it for you.  :)

If there are any errors or problems let me know.  Also, a few of these, like the live ones, aren’t the best quality in the world.  But they are tolerable.

I hope you like them!



Suburbian Hell

View From Below

Changing Skies

Cocaine Masquerade

Who’s Gonna Go

I Notice

A Parody On Life

Begin Again

Black Ink Revenge (original demo)

Don’t Make It So

Dream With Me

Good Bye Neverland



Just Keep Breathing

Make-Up Smeared Eyes (full band)

Old Movie

San Fransico

Symphony Of Freaks

The Guest

The Only Ones


When We First Met

Stars And Scars

Air Kiss, Salute, and Aim

Always Wanted

Dear Autumn

Hidden Standards And Love Notes

Just A Fool


Black Ink Revenge (Acoustic @ Warped Tour)

Carry The Fire (Acoustic/Live @ Warped Tour)

Click Your Heels (Acoustic/Live @ Warped Tour)

Oh Darlin’ (Acoustic/Live) [The Beatles cover]

Old Movie (Acoustic)

The Answer (Acoustic/Live)

To Die For (Acoustic/Live)

Parker (Acoustic/Live)

Black Ink Revenge-Parker (Live)

Songs featuring Juliet

Take Me Home Tonight- Every Avenue (cover song)

Fix You- Secondhand Serenade

Hear Me Now- Secondhand Serenade

Theatre of Robots- LoveHateHero

Lose It- Cartel

Remembering Sunday- All Time Low

Remembering Sunday (live from Straight To DVD)- All Time Low

Careless Whisper- Juliet Simms, Alex Gaskarth, 3OH!3

The Voice

Oh! Darling (Live) (Studio)

Stay With Me (Live) (Studio)

Roxanne (Live) (Studio)

Cryin’ (Live) (Studio)

Torn (Live)

It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World (Live) (Studio)

Crazy (Live)

Born To Be Wild (with Cee Lo) (Live) (Studio)

Freebird (Live) (Studio)

Whistle/Wild One (Flo Rida feat. Juliet) (Live)

With A Little Help From My Friends (with Jamar Rogers, RaeLynn, and Erin Willet) (Live)

Ringtones (iPhones only)

Let It Ride (intro)

Carry The Fire

"So So Happy"

The Pirate song (from the So So Happy video)

The Day That Saved Us